"Be a part of the future of workplace Wellbeing"

Lifestyle Medicine

By focusing on the 8 pilars of health, we help your staff form healthy habits using evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat, and reverse diseases.

“90% of diseases are caused by lifestyle factors"

“5.5 extra days of missed work per person per year due to diseases”

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Your Benefits: Optimise Wellbeing Improving

Optimise your staff health through health insights and diagnostics.

Optimise your staff health through health insights and diagnostics.

Optimise your staff health through health insights and diagnostics.

TakeAways: Improvements Savings Productivity

+24% health improvements



+28% productivity

How it Works

Vital health recordings

On your health day, we take all staff’s vital signs to quickly assess their health.

Lifestyle assessment

Staff get to understand their complete lifestyle health, and decide which pillar of wellbeing they wish to improve.

Health plan

Personalised plans are developed for each staff member to take away.


Testimonial #1 Testimonial #1

The healthcare professionals at Wellbeing are highly skilled and dedicated to their profession.

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They offer wellness programs, health education, and regular screenings to detect potential health issues early on.

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WellnessBeing is a top-notch health service provider that excels in delivering comprehensive, patient-centered care.



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